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Junkie Kids

Previous post was about parents forcing their daughters to become hookers. Now, another news, sons doing some unacceptable actions towards their parents. Like what JW commented in the previous post, what the world has become..

Read the news below:

Torment at hands of junkie sons

AFTER calling his mother a dog and his father a pig, a 16-year-old student kicked his father’s head while he (father) was performing prayers, just because there was no food on the table, Harian Metro reported.

In another case, an 18-year-old threatened to strap a bomb on his mother if she did not give him money.

These were among the cases highlighted in a special report where inmates of Rumah Sahabat Insan dan Iman Malaysia (Sidim) revealed to reporters of the daily, nasty things they had done to their parents.

One of the inmates, known only as Azman from Kedah, said after getting involved with wrong company, he starting sniffing glue and became violent each time his demands were not fulfilled.

“I used to get involved in gang fights outside the house, but there was a day when after sniffing a bit too much glue, I was in my own world and became more violent.

“Since I was hungry and there was no food on the table, I become angry and confronted my parents who were praying at that time.

“I called my mother a dog and my father a pig, and seeing no reaction from them, I kicked my father’s head,” he said, adding that they could no longer tolerate his behaviour and called an ustaz, who referred him to Sidim for rehabilitation.

In the second case, the inmate known as Tahir from Kuala Lumpur said his mother was his “bank”, as whenever he needed money for his gangster friends and drugs, he would ask her.

What the fuck is this?! Calling your own mother, a dog and your father, pig? I really wish I had a knife to stab this fella heart and rip it apart. Your own parents, god damn it. How could a child says something so terrible to the two persons that bare hands brought you to this world. Even worst case, a child should never lay a single hand on your parents.

A child threatened the mother to strap a bomb on here?! SHIT! Fuck! Can't think of a sentence for me to describe my feeling now.

Feel like killing those guys...



Daughter tells of family shame

A MOTHER not only allowed her four daughters to be raped by their father and three brothers but also used a bomoh to cast a spell to get them to willingly become prostitutes, reported Harian Metro.

The tabloid said the four teenagers were forced to prostitute themselves to relatives and foreigners in Johor Baru.

They were also beaten, abused, and had spells cast on them if they refused to submit to their father and brothers.

One of the victims, known only as Wani, 19, said she started being raped seven years ago after completing her primary education in Ulu Tiram, Johor.

“While other teenagers were busy thinking about schooling, we were ordered by our mother to sleep with our father and three brothers,” she said.

She added that after her father and brothers were “satisfied” with them, she and her sisters would be forced to sleep with close relatives.

The teenage victim claimed that the mother had threatened to poison them if they resisted.

She said she was “cured” of her mother's spell after she visited a bomoh.

“Although I am now married and live elsewhere, I still get threats from my family,” she said, adding that in the middle of last year, her father and brothers broke into her house and photographed her while she was bathing.

They threatened to put the pictures on the Internet if she did not return home.

She said she had lodged eight police reports to protect herself.

What the fuck is wrong with this parents?! Aren't they gone mad or some screws in their head loose?! God damn it! I can't believe my very own eyes while I was reading this news back in the office. For heaven sake, your flesh and blood...

What's wrong with these people? How can you sleep and have sex with your own daughters and sisters? How can a mother asked her daughters to be hookers?

Pity to those gals. To hell to the father, mother, brothers and relatives of theirs.


Good Weekend...

As the weekend had passed, I enjoyed myself spending time with my princess in KL. This time I did not go back to hometown as she came to KL since Friday.

She been doing some research on the DIY shop in KL and planning to create a brand new market back in Melaka. She is very creative in this particular area and previously I do get her a book regarding all the handicraft stuff.

On Friday, we just had our dinner at Mong Kok Char Chan Teng in 1 Utama. Nothing big deal about the restaurant as many restaurants that shared the same genre already mushroomed around KL and as well as in Melaka.

As for the next day, we went to Mid Valley to do some shopping and checking out any new things for us to enjoy. Nothing much changed since the last time I pay a visit. Lunch, we had it at C-Jade restaurant in Mid Valley. Saturday definitely pack with tons of people and we managed to queue for a table to get our meal. As night falls, I brought her all the way from Mid Valley to Cheras to have dinner. Previously I went to that place with WOC members and I found it suitable for both us to have a nice dinner. On the way, rain fall and I am quite worried about the temperature as we were going uphill. Curious where we went? We went to Look Out Point Cafe (googled it and Wingz did blog about it). The temperature was quite cold and breezy too. Chilling I should say. We had to wait for quite sometime to get a table. The environment was good to have a nice yi yang sai kai (hope you guys understand this, sorry for my bad hanyu pin yin).

As conclusion, my feeling? Like the song below,觸電 by S.H.E

p/s: I hope my princess enjoyed this weekend...


WOC Cheras Anniversary

Last Tuesday I had a great night with all the WOC Cheras member as we were celebrating 1st year anniversary. This celebration only meant for Cheras members as they started the gathering last year. Though I am not from and stay in Cheras but I am occasionally join them for events and gathering.

Basically all this fellas are crazy and like to TCSS (short form for Talk Cock Sing Song) all the time. They are the gang that held a birthday bash for me. Though this gathering was celebrating the anniversary but members from Kepong and Subang also arrived at the scene. Even the BOSS himself also came to join in the fun.

We had our gathering at Look Out Point Cafe, Cheras. This cafe is up on a hill and we need to drive all the way up to the peak. Around 19 Wiras invaded the cafe with all the lights and exhaust noise, this time we managed to get everyone to stick as one group to go the particular event's venue. Though was raining but still went up and to my surprise the air is damn chilling and fresh as it was after raining.

Anyway here is the family photo:

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